This is Bob

Bob just discovered cryptocurrencies. He analyzed the cryptomarket and found out about a cryptocurrency which could soon rise in price. He decided to invest in it and hopefully receive a profit from it later. But there are some problems on the way:

Bob has heard some of the problems with centralized currency exchanges. There is a chance he could lose or even have money blocked.

Buying cryptocurrency could be a tricky process with many operations, transactions, transfers, exchanges. And there is always possibility that something will go wrong.

Many exchanges ask to share personal information like a scan of personal ID. However, Bob doesn’t want to risk his privacy on unfamiliar platforms.

Lastly but not least, the commission per transaction could be quite high.

Bob visited a cryptocurrency meetup and found that it’s possible to use a decentralized stock

exchange called SimpleDex.

Bob decided to test SimpleDex

How it works?


Searches for an existing offer

Bob found an offer posted by Alice


Accept offer

He inspected this offer. The offer is to buy 1 ETH for $450. He decided to buy 1 ETH.



Alice sent 1 ETH via the escrow system which locks the money until the transaction has been confirmed


Money transfer

Bob saw that the money was deposited in escrow, then he sent $450 to Alice by card


Confirmation of the transaction

Alice confirmed that she received the money and 1 ETH is transferred to Bob



Bob is satisfied, he has bought ether

Comparison of the platforms:

Centralized exhcanges

More than 5%

Decentralized platform


Maintain balance in exchange
End-to-End Encryption

SimpleDex is a simple tool for

investment without complicated and

extra steps

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who join us on beta-testing.

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